I built a cool game - 'Who Said it? Classic Hiphop Edition'

I have to admit that I have recently been fascinated with trying to build some cool “game” using only HTML, CSS and Javascript. My first attempt; which is a still a work in progress was a jQuery remake of “Dope Wars”. Do you guys remember that game?

I think I wanted to see if I could and I think it came out pretty cool. Next I wanted to create something that I could reuse on my own CorrienteLatina.com” website as well as the WuTangClan.net” website. The one for the WuTang Will drop soon.

Who Said it? Classic HipHop Edition

This is a scene from the game. You basically have 20 seconds to click on who you think rapped the lyrics. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ***

If you want to see some other apps I built for the WuTang Clan. Check out the link to I built some pretty cool Wutang Clan Web Apps.