I built some pretty cool Wutang Clan Web Apps

Aside from my on CorrienteLatina.com website, I do some really cool coding for the WuTang Clan. I have built some of the web “games” that many people have played on the web.

WuTang Name Generator

This web app is the famous Wutang Name generator. Not the one used by Childish Gambino, but the official version on the Wutang Clan’s official website. ***

Wu Quiz

We thought it would be a cool idea to see what the Wutang fans really knew about the Wutang Clan. So we set out to build a quiz that has been used by thousands of people. Only a few have answered all the questions correctly. ***

Wu Wisdom

The Wu has always been about positivity in their music and away from it. So this page on the website will give you new wu-wisdom everytime the page is loaded. ***


Yes. I just finished building a brand new game for the Wutang Clan fans. What it is? Well, I can’t say yet, but it will be a pretty fun game!