The WuTang Clan Question

So when people read my bio and such, people are always fascinated by the work I have done and do for the WuTang Clan. There’s always the “Wait…What? You did that?” and I can’t lie, It’s seriously awesome to me. To deal with one of the most iconic hiphop groups of all time is a dream. Back in 1993 when I was an aspiring young hiphop artist, I remember sitting in the dorms of Syracuse University and calling the number on the back of the single for Protect Ya Neck and talking to a person by the name of John Gibbons; who I belive was their attorney, and asking him how I could send my demo to them. Fast forward all these years and I have done some really cool things with them.

let’s get some stuff out the way first. Have I ever met the RZA? No. Method Man? No. Any of the WuTang Members? No. I mostly deal with their Chief Media Officer; Ray, and “Power” which is a co-founder and so much more. I first met Ray back when he was running WuTang Latino and I was doing some really big marketing in the Latin Music industry through my website. Over the years we have grown to be very good friends and have worked on many projects together. From creating ideas that get hashed out in WuTang social networks to web projects.

I have done a version of the website, The current version of the website, the WuTangLatino website, and

I hope this answers some of the questions I get the most often. Have any more? comment below.